Wild Blossom Farm

Growing wild in Bucks County PA

Wild Blossom Farm

Thanks everyone for making 2018 as good as it could be!
We can't wait to get started on 2019!!  See you all again soon :)

Vegetables & Herbs

We're growing over 50 types of veggies and herbs within the orchard.  Broad diversity will help foster a healthy ecosystem.

Fruit & Berries

Our orchard is made up of Pears, Plums, Apples, Cherries, and Blueberries.  Totally chemical-free.

Peek in on our farm

A little look at our locations and what we're up to...be sure to check us out on instagram for the latest pics!


Primarily for propagating our transplants. All of our annual veggies and herbs start their lives here as seeds.

High Tunnels

Protected space that we use for tropical crops like Ginger and Turmeric, as well as some Tomatoes and Cucumbers.


A combination of perennial and annual growth intertwined to benefit each other. We have been introducing mycorrhizal fungi with the annuals to benefit the health of all of the plants by improving nutrient uptake.

weed control

Instead of spraying herbicides, we're using things like tarps to help control weed growth. The tarps retain heat and moisture in the soil, prompting weed seeds to germinate. Since the tarp denies these new weeds the light required for photosynthesis, they quickly die - providing a nice clean bed for new plants.

pest control

No toxic pesticides here! We rely on a combination of physical barriers like fencing or row covers, and working toward a balance of pests and pest predators. We encourage these predators to visit us by interplanting flowers they find attractive as a food source at some stage of their lives.


We're building a perennial foundation with the fruit trees and berry bushes, and crops like asparagus, ferns, hops, mushrooms, and ramps to mingle with the annual crops that will be in and out of the fields.

More About Us and Our Growing Methods

Some info about who we are and how we grow

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